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12/16/08 Hi folks, I posted an abstract here.I think it could be condensed, but I'm too fried to do it. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jan

Hi folks, I just posted the agenda I had sent out by email onto the wiki. I"m mucking around in here and trying to get some "easy posting directions" together. More soon. Jan

Hi Jan, I've just posted my part (the old version). I haven't got the chance to update the new results and revise the section. I have trouble in uploading my tables. How to upload images onto the wiki? Thanks, Lei

Cut from old homepage Links

Meeting/scheduling agenda for Wed. May 7, 2008

  • Kudos! Bravo everyone on getting stuff together—looks like this is going to come together nicely.
  • Scheduling of next deadlines meetings
  • Discuss Revision Ideas/Strategies

Action items

  1. get wiki up and running
  2. get everyone’s stuff in there by day’s end or early tomorrow morning
  3. have folks make comments, generate new text by Monday May 12.

Meet on Wed. May 14—to spend the day getting the piece in order…

Revisions Ideas

  1. Eliminate passive voice
  2. More information about where the particular courses fit in the overall curriculum of your discipline’s major? (not sure this is necessary, but it might be helpful)
  3. Combine reflective sections—Dean /Lupita? Interesting overlaps
    • desire to generate process-based approach to writing—get students talking to one another earlier, mis used of the “divide and conquer “ terminology in the assignment text itself...
    • hoped for a degree of “transparency” that wasn’t necessarily materialized in the way we had hoped, or that was too time-intensive to really use as an instructor
    • an interesting problem when it comes to assessment—both talk about the wiki as “surveillance tool” for lack of a better term for the instructor to see who is really doing what work and how much—useful in determining individual grades (puts emphasis back on individual)
  4. Combine parts of Lei’s and Jan’s intro material? Can Lei’s stuff get streamlined to talk more explicitly about methodology
  5. Tom/Andrew’s section on the nitty gritty of the interface and its historical context (1000 wd max) Brief summary of what some folks are doing at other institutions …not sure it’s necessary???
  6. Need section on methodology—Jan/Lei
  7. Need section on our collaboration discussing who we are, how we came to collaborate together—is there a way to tie this to Lei’s social network analysis stuff? How we saw our work together on this project impacting/affecting our larger teaching/research objectives goals—benefits/limitations—everyone contribute
  8. Results—combine Lei’s analysis with qualitative analysis of the final interviews (not sure this will happen in time for May 15 deadline) may not be necessary for this piece.
  9. Another possible section?
    • problem of assessment and tension between individual and group work—not just in terms of grades, but also of the project’s aims a whole—is this a new section or a part of an extant session
    • I can connect this to the idea of WAC and Communication intensive courses at RPI (can cite Lunsford/Ede)—institutionally the structure works against assigning group work—to qualify as a communicative intensive course, students need to be assessed individually—connection to grades, etc.

Future Implications/Deadline for Revisions — Mon. May 12

Meet again on Wed. May 14 2-5?

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