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Janice W. Fernheimer

Assistant Professor of Rhetoric, Department of Language, Literature and Communication, RPI

Janice Fernheimer's academic research focuses on how rhetorical theory can help to avoid or resolve conflict over competing claims to collective identity, cultural legitimacy, and representative authority. She investigates questions of invention and cross-audience communication to better articulate how new ideas are created, revised, and circulated so that they may travel outside of and gain recognition beyond the particular audiences who initially imagine and introduce them. Currently she is completing a book manuscript Steppin' Into Zion: Hatzaad Harishon and Black Jewish Identity from Civil Rights to Black Power. It introduces the theoretical concept of interruptive invention by telling the rhetorical history of Hatzaad Harishon, a multi-racial non-profit organization that sought to increase recognition of and legitimacy for Black Jews in New York from 1964-1972. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses that look at the intersections of technology, writing, identity, and rhetoric.

Dean Nieusma

Assistant Professor, Department of Science and Technology Studies, RPI

Dean Nieusma studies interdisciplinary design collaboration and the expertise that enables it, focusing especially on strategies that align technoscientific production with democratic process. He has published on topics ranging from design and democratic theory to renewable energy systems design to engineering and design education. He teaches courses in sustainability, industrial design, and entrepreneurship in Rensselaer's internationally acclaimed Program in Design and Innovation.

Lei Chi

Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems, Lally School of Management and Technology, RPI

Lei Chi’s research has been primarily focused on understanding how information technologies influence business competition and innovation in the networked environment. Dr. Chi’s research has appeared in a number of academic journals in information systems and management. Dr. Chi teaches courses such as Telecommunications and Computer Networks, Computer Information Systems.

Lupita Montoya

Assistant Professor of Engineering, Department of Mechanical, Aerospace & Nuclear Engineering, RPI

Lupita Montoya'a research interests lie at the intersection of engineering, science, and health. Her work focuses on the detection, measurement, modeling, and control of airborne particles in indoor environments and on assessment of human exposure to these agents. She teaches Introduction to Engineering Design and Introduction to Air Quality Control. Through her teaching, Dr. Montoya creatively merges the use of technology and social responsibility to improve engineering education and the promotion of sustainable development.

Thomas Kujala

Undergraduate Student in Computer Science, RPI

Thomas Kujala expects to graduate from RPI in May 2009 with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. After graduation, Tom hopes to work for an international corporation developing technological solutions. Beyond academics, Tom is involved with Greek life at Rensselaer, serving as the Secretary and Webmaster of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. Tom is also the Secretary of Class Council as well as an active committee participant.

Andrew La Padula

Undergraduate Student in Psychology & Information Technology, RPI

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